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The Annual Report on Contracting Services was released on December 14, 2014 by DOA.  It was due October 31, 2014.

2014 Report


January 27, 2014 -- The Department of Administration finally released the annual report on contracting services. The report is required by s. 16.705 (8) and was due by October 15, 2013.

DOA reported $418.9 million in spending by state agencies during SFY 13 and $126.4 million in spending by the University.  It’s important to note that the report does NOT include some types of contractual services, most notably for building and road construction. 

See Report


The South Central Federation of Labor (SCFL) is an umbrella organization for labor unions in Dane, Dodge, Sauk, Columbia, Jefferson and Iowa Counties. Currently there are approximately 94 labor organizations representing more than 30,000 workers, affiliated with SCFL. WPEC is affiliated with SCFL and pays per caps for our members in the SCFL area. 


The 2012 annual report to the Legislature was submitted by DOA last month. 

The report stated that the total use of contractors by state agencies and the UW increased by 5% this year (from $488,900,000 to $515,818,979).  The report for 2011 indicated that the total use of contractors increased by 17% for that year (from $417,200,000 to $488,900,000). 

The agency doing the most contracting out, hands down, was the Department of Health Services with a reported $182,417,260 in personal services contracts. 

It should be noted also that this report EXCLUDES spending authorized outside of s. 16.75, Wis


7/4/2012 Update -- DOA finally submitted its Annual Report on Contracting Out for the period July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011.  To read the report, click here.  To read the WSJ article, click here.   State agencies' hiring of outside contractors surged last year, according to a report quietly released by the state more than eight months after its statutory deadline.”

Section 16.705 of the Wisconsin Statutes requires DOA to submit an annual report on or before October 15 concerning the "number, value and nature of contractual service procurements authorized for each agency during the preceding fiscal year."  

The report required by October 15, 2011 has not yet been submitted by DOA.   WPEC President, Greg Georg, sent a letter to DOA in early February asking DOA to submit the report as required by law. 

To read WPEC's letter to DOA, Click Here.

To read last year's report, Click Here

6/27/12 Update -- With prodding from WPEC, the WSJ publicizes the fact that the annual report for state fiscal year 2011 is 8 months late. DOA blames university.   To read the article, click here.  


Annual Report on Contracting Out 2015

The annual report on contracting out was only a month late this year.  Combining UW and state agencies, there was a 7.5 percent rise in total contracting out compared to the last fiscal year.  Total spent  was $607 million for the year.

The big spender was the Department of Health services with over $190 million. 

2015 Annual Report