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2012 Annual Report on Contracting Out Released

The 2012 annual report to the Legislature was submitted by DOA last month. 

The report stated that the total use of contractors by state agencies and the UW increased by 5% this year (from $488,900,000 to $515,818,979).  The report for 2011 indicated that the total use of contractors increased by 17% for that year (from $417,200,000 to $488,900,000). 

The agency doing the most contracting out, hands down, was the Department of Health Services with a reported $182,417,260 in personal services contracts. 

It should be noted also that this report EXCLUDES spending authorized outside of s. 16.75, Wis. Stats.  So, it does not include road and building construction.  

To read the 2012 Annual Report, click here

To read the 2011 Annual Report, click here

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