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Market/Parity Adjustments in the 2013-2015 Comp Plan

The market/parity adjustments are in section L of the 2013-2015 Compensation Plan. Some of the adjustments are discretionary.  However, "Criteria for distribution of these adjustments will be applied in a uniform manner throught the agency or employing unit". 

We asked some agencies for copies of the criteria they will be using.  Specifically, we said:

"This is to request a copy of the criteria [name of agency] has developed for distribution of adjustments listed in Section L - Market and Parity Provisions of the 2013-15 Compensation Plan. I would also like a copy of any documents which describe how [name of agency] intends to distribute these adjustments in a "uniform manner throughout the agency or employing unit."   Given the situation at the Office of the Public Defender, on July 10, 2014, we requested the same information from them, along with a copy of who received the IS market/parity adjustments. 

Replies from agencies.







DWD Attachment




UW System

Replies from OSER:

Guidance to Agencies on IT Market

Guidance to Agencies Attachment 1

Guidance to Agencies Attachment 2

Guidance to Agencies Attachment 3

Guidance to Agencies Attachment 4

According to OSER, adjustments effective June 29 will show up on paychecks issued on July 24.

Article about Big Raise at OPD

There was also a process for agencies to make "parity requests" for classificatins that do IT work but don't have an IT classification.

Copy of OSER Letter About Parity Requests for Non-IT Classifications

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