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SCFL Scholarships for 2016

Scholarships are available from the South Central Federation of Labor for WPEC members in southern Wisconsin.  See the attached Scholarship Rules for the details such as eligibility.   The deadline is July 1, 2016.

Cover Letter



State employee coalition hosts teach-in on civil service

When Wisconsin Republicans introduced legislation to remove key components of the civil service system, members of AFT-Wisconsin state employee unions quickly mobilized alongside other supporters of clean government, forming the Wisconsin Coalition to Save Civil Service.  Alongside their AFSCME union sisters and brothers, AFT-Wisconsin activists organized building meetings to spread the word about the importance of civil service to clean government and effective state agencies.


AFT-Wisconsin endorses Russ Feingold

AFT-Wisconsin is proud to announce that it has endorsed Russ Feingold in his campaign for the US Senate.  President Kim Kohlhaas sent the following letter to Mr. Feingold to announce the endorsement:


Dear Mr. Feingold,

It is with great pleasure that I, on behalf of the AFT-Wisconsin Executive Board and our thousands of members across the state of Wisconsin, offer our full support to your campaign and endorse you in your bid for the US Senate.


Having Trouble Getting Paid?

Have you been shorted by the new STAR payroll system?  If yes, you can file a missing wages claim with the Department of Workforce Development. 

“If the employer refuses to pay wages earned on the regularly established payday, the employee should request payment. If the employee does not receive payment after 6 days, the employee may file a claim with the department [Dept. of Workforce Dev.] Once a claim is filed, the department will seek to resolve the matter with the employer.”

DWD Brochure

DWD Website

2016 AFT-Wisconsin Scholarship Applications Now Being Accepted

AFT-Wisconsin has a long tradition of offering educational scholarships to support dependents of members in good standing who wish to pursue a career in labor, education, health care or government service.  Currently, AFT-Wisconsin offers one $1,000 university scholarship and one $500 technical college scholarship. The application period for 2015-2016 scholarships is now open; applications are due to AFT-Wisconsin by March 15, 2016, and winners will be notified by May 1, 2016.


Building Meetings About the Teach-In

In preparation for the Civil Service Teach-In, there will be a series of building meetings in some public office buildings in Madison.  These meetings will update people on what to expect at the Teach-In.  The meetings are scheduled for: 

460 Science Dr., Meeting Room 2 - Tuesday, January 5, 11:45 am

DHS, 1 W. Wilson St., Room B155 - Tuesday, January 5, noon

GEF 1/DWD/DCF, Room H305 - Wednesday, January 6, 11:45 am

DOA, 101 E. Wilson, Yahara Room 114 - Wednesday, January 6, 11:45 am

City–County Bldg., MLK Blvd., room TBA - Thursday, January 7, noon

DNR/GEF 2, Room G09 - Thursday, January 7, 11:45 am

Please plan to attend.