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Alert on WRS Changes

7/7/15 -- Breaking News: Republicans say they’ll drop proposed changes to JSCRS.

"Swift and strong outcry from current and retired

public employees prompted majority

Republicans in the Legislature on Tuesday to

eliminate a state budget provision that would

have changed the makeup of a committee

overseeing the Wisconsin Retirement System." (WSJ, 7/7/15)

CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS TODAY:  The Joint Finance Committee passed an amendment to the state budget (Budget Modifications #999) that changes the composition of the Joint Survey on Retirement Systems  Committee (JSRSC).  They want to load the committee with appointed legislators so they can rush through any changes they want to the WRS.   

The JSRSC was created in 1947 and currently is composed of legislate members from both parties along with representatives from the public, the Department of Employee Trust Funds, the Attorney General, and the Insurance Commissioner. 

The Committee would become entirely APPOINTED legislators under Joint Finance's proposal. 

Read ETF's description of JSRSC

Read POWRS' description of Change

Read POWRS' sample letter

Read WSJ Article - Republicans Abandon WRS Changes


Black Latino Unity Picnic

August 30 -- Black Latino Unity Picnic

Penn Park, 2101 Fisher St., Madison, WI
Sunday, Aug. 30
1:00 - 5:00 pm

Facebook Event Page:

Food, Music and a great Discussion on how to Unite our Communities to bring Progress! Sponsored by the Immigrant Workers Union.

More information or to volunteer: (608) 576-5230


Comp Plan Sent to JCOER

On June 19, 2015, OSER sent the comp plan to the Joint Committee on Employment Relations (JCOER).  It includes no general wage adjustment for either year of the biennium.  Combined with the coming increases to the group health insurance plans, this means another two years of pay cuts. 

Read the Cover Letter

Read the Summary

Read LFB Paper on Comp Reserves

BUDGET UPDATE - June 9, 2015

An AFL-CIO Budget Summary

The following is a summary both on recent efforts to repeal our Prevailing Wage laws and on the Joint Finance Committee’s activities over the last 10 days. After celebrating Memorial Day weekend, legislators returned to the Capitol last week only to launch further attacks on workers and Wisconsin’s working families through the budget and legislative processes.

Read the rest of the summary

Another Budget is Possible Rally - June 11th

Please join us for a Rally at the Capitol while the Legislature takes up the biennial state budget!  Support your co-workers at DNR and advocate for a different budget.   See the Updated Flyer.

June 11, 2015

4:30 pm:  Gather at GEF 2

5:00 pm:  March to the Capitol

There’s a lot to dislike in the Governor’s Budget, but it is especially disturbing that specific positions are being targeted at the DNR.  These proposed cuts


Health Insurance Changes

The Group Insurance Board announced that they had accepted the recommendations of the Segal Consulting Group.  It's clear that the changes will add significantly to the employee's costs.  In addition to newly added deductibles and fixed co-pays instead of co-insurance, it sounds like the dental coverage will be removed and offered as a separate, voluntary program.

Read the Segal Report

Save the DNR Science Bureau Positions


Joint Finance will be voting on the DNR Science Position Reductions this week.  Many of these positions are federally funded.  The cuts appear to be more about anti-science than saving money.

Position Reduction budget paper from Legislative Reference Bureau

Joint Finance schedule for the week of May 25

Clean Wisconsin's Statement Opposing the Cuts

Science Cuts may Hinder Efforts to stop Walleye Decline

Prominent Scientists Appeal to Preserve DNR Positions

Senator Tom Tiffany Asked for the DNR Cuts

Milwaukee Public Schools takeover plan weakens WRS



MILWAUKEE, WI - Referencing annual reports by the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust funds, as well as a study of the Wisconsin Retirement System ordered by Governor Walker in 2011, the Wisconsin Coalition for Retirement Security warns that the proposal to privatize Milwaukee Public Schools - currently under consideration by the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee - will have serious repercussions for state retirees and taxpayers.




Read the rest of the article here.

Planning Meeting for DNR At-Risk Employees

We are looking for members, particularly those that work for the DNR, to help with action planned in support of the WPEC and Science Professional employees of the DNR that have been targeted as at-risk.  Approximately 57 staff have received notices. 


Discussion of Layoff Rights

April 30 -- The Argus Bar & Grill, 123 East Main St., Madison.   A meeting to educate employees about the at-risk notices and layoff rights under the Civil Service System, and to plan actions around the cuts (recently announced for DNR).