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The New Contract

Former AFT-W Staff Rep Tom Ellett did a presentation for stewards which, among other things, included "the New Contract". The following are 3 lists from that presentation that make up "The New Contract":

-- Wisconsin Statutes (click here)

-- Wisconsin Administrative Rules (click here)


The Classified Workforce -- 2014

Lots of interesting statistics about the classified workforce in 2014 in this report  published by OSER. 

The Report

Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants

The Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants (WCOA) is a group of organizations representing retirees and active participants in the Wisconsin Retirement System.   AFT-Wisconsin is a member and our representatives are Buzz Davies and Bob Beglinger.  Buzz is a former WPEC member and Bob is a former teacher from the Eau Claire area.  The annual meetings are a great opportunity to get input from leaders from the State Investment Board (SWIB), Employee Trust Funds (ETF), the Legislature and other areas.  To learn more about the Coalition, go to


Catastrophic Leave

Catastrophic Leave is a program which unions bargained to create in our 1996-97 contracts.  It is a program to voluntarily donate (transfer) annual leave, Saturday legal holiday, personal holiday and sabbatical time to employees who have been granted unpaid leaves of absence due to catastrophic need for which no eligible paid leave benefits or replacement income are available.  Details can be found in Article 12, Section 21 of any WPEC contract on or after 1996. 

OSER's Applicant Eligibility Verification Form