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Websites and Blogs to Check Out

ALEC Exposed.  ALEC stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council.  It’s an organization where global corporations and state politicians  vote behind closed doors to try to rewrite state laws that govern you rights.  This site lets you know who is behind ALEC and what they’re up to. 

The Campaign for America’s Future.    The strategy center for the progressive movement. Their goal is to forge the enduring progressive majority needed to realize the America of shared prosperity and equal opportunity that our country was meant to be.  

The Center for Media and Democracy.  A non-profit investigative reporting group.  They publish PRWatch, SourceWatch and BanksterUSA.    Their newest investigative site is 

Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS).  A nonprofit think-and-do tank, based at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, that promotes “high road” solutions to social problems.  COWS is nonpartisan but values-based. They seek a world of equal opportunity and security for all.

Labor Notes.  A media and organizing project that has been the voice of union activists who want to put the movement back in the labor movement since 1979.

The Milwaukee County Labor Council (MALC).   The Milwaukee Area Labor Council combines the organizing and community power of some 52,000 dues-paying members of more than 140 Milwaukee area locals and parent unions, along with thousands more through its partnerships and alliances.

The Northern Worker  The Northern Worker is a blog, a weekly ezine and a facebook page that seeks to cover the class struggle in the Northland and beyond.

South Central Federation of Labor  (SCFL).  SCFL has close to 100 affiliates representing over 30,000 workers in South Central Wisconsin.  They mobilize action in support of collective bargaining, union organizing, and for legislative campaigns. 

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.  A nonpartisan watchdog group working for clean, open and honest government and reforms that make people matter more than money in politics.  Includes a searchable database of campaign contributors.

Wisconsin Labor History

WLHS is dedicated to:

  • Telling the public of the contributions of labor to Wisconsin.
  • Getting labor’s story in the schools and colleges.
  • Preserving documents and records of workers and their unions

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