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Thank the legislators who support you

Thursday, fourteen democratic senators took the bold action to walk out of the senate chambers to prevent a vote on Walker's heinous bill.

While Governor Walker is trying to make an end run around democracy, these fourteen brave legislators took a stand for the people and said Wisconsin workers will not be denied a voice in the process.  The people of Wisconsin have spoken, and these senators have listened and will not stand by and see our democratic processes tainted by a governor whose own personal political agenda is being disguised as a budget repair bill.

These Senators showed immense courage. They stood up in the face of injustice and refused to be part of a process that denies the people their voice. Please take a moment to thank them, and encourage them to continue to stand strong in their convictions. 

Go to the Wisconsin State Senator website listed below, select those with the (D), then their email address.  Send them a message of thanks and show your support and appreciation of them in their support of you.