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Update on the Act 10 Appeals

You were notified recently by AFT-W that the 7th Circuit Court ruled against us in the Judge Conley appeal.  The two remaining alternatives to appeal that decision are: 

  1. "en banc review" which means we ask for all 10 judges from the 7th Circuit to review and rule. Note:  Seven of the ten judges were appointed by Republicans. The two judges who made the majority decision in this case are considered moderate Republican appointees.


  1.  Ask for the U.S. Supreme Court to review.

Leaders and attorneys for the unions involved in this legal case are meeting to decide on what the next step should be. 

On a different front, AFT-W has (or will be) petitioning to file an amicus brief in the Colas appeal (aka the MTI suite). The State has also made additional filings in that case.  They are trying to limit the Colas decision to only apply to Dane County.  Our legal advice is that the Attorney General speaks for the entire state and it would be unusual for the court to allow a constitutional decision to only apply to one county. 

 7th Court Decision Summary Posted on Marquette University Blog