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If your credit card or bank information has changed, you can call (608) 662-1444 or email .  If you have a new email address, home address or worksite information, you can email it to

Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants 2021 Summary

January 3, 2022.  Below is a summary from WCOA about what they did during 2021.  Bob Beglinger and Kathy Kreul are AFTW's reps to WCOA.  For more information about WCOA, go to


Rising Worker Activism

Join the Wisconsin AFL-CIO and on Tuesday, December 14, at the Madison Club for a luncheon panel discussion on "Rising Worker Activism and What it Means for the Wisconsin Economy."

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Wisconsin Labor History 40th Annual Conference

Saturday Nov. 6, 2021, 9:00 am

American Postal Workers Union Hall, 417 N 3rd St., Milwaukee.


2018 Classified Workforce Report

September 21, 2021:  DOA recentlly released the 2018 Classified Workforce and Affirmative Action Report.  To see the report click here

One trend cited by the DOA Secretary in her cover letter was that the rate of employees separating from state service for any reason other than retirement increased consisently over the last five years ...