Update on the Act 10 Appeals

You were notified recently by AFT-W that the 7th Circuit Court ruled against us in the Judge Conley appeal.  The two remaining alternatives to appeal that decision are: 

  1. "en banc review" which means we ask for all 10 judges from the 7th Circuit to review and rule. Note:  Seven of the ten judges were appointed by Republicans. The two judges who made the majority decision in this case are considered moderate Republican appointees.



Town Hall Meetings

Each year, AFT-Wisconsin holds a series of Town Hall meetings around the state to connect union leaders and members from various locals in a discussion about major issues. This year, we are scheduling these meetings in late January and early February in order to discuss the spring elections and the current legislative session, as well as updates on merger talks with WEAC. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend the Town Hall meeting closest to you.

You will also receive a recorded phone call from AFT-W  with details and a reminder about a week before your local Town Hall meeting.

Sunday, January 27: Superior Town Hall, 5-7pm at VIP Pizza

Monday, January 28: Eau Claire Town Hall, 6-8pm, Location TBA

Wednesday, January 30: Fox Valley/Green Bay Town Hall, 6-8pm, Location TBA

Tuesday, February 5: Madison Town Hall, 6-8pm, Avenue Bar, 1128 E. Wash.

Thursday, February 7: Milwaukee Town Hall, 6-8pm, Location TBA.  Rescheduled for Sunday, February 10 at Solo Pizza, 2856 N. Oakland Ave., 5-7pm.

2012 Annual Report on Contracting Out Released

The 2012 annual report to the Legislature was submitted by DOA last month. 

The report stated that the total use of contractors by state agencies and the UW increased by 5% this year (from $488,900,000 to $515,818,979).  The report for 2011 indicated that the total use of contractors increased by 17% for that year (from $417,200,000 to $488,900,000). 

The agency doing the most contracting out, hands down, was the Department of Health Services with a reported $182,417,260 in personal services contracts. 


Live Webcast of Board of Regents Mtg - Dec, 6, 2012

Below is an announcement about a live webcast of the Board of Regents meeting this weekend to discuss the recommendations related to the UW personnel systems redesign (UW-Madison and UW-everything else. 

The Board of Regents meeting will be webcast this week from UW-Madison. Live audio and video streaming is scheduled at these times:

  • Thursday, Dec. 6, 9 a.m.-12 noon
  • Friday, Dec. 7, 9 a.m.-12 noon
    (Times are approximate.)

The full Board agenda and all supporting materials are available online in PDF format.

Troubleshooting Tips:  If you do not see the most current date on the media streaming webpage, try doing a Reload or Refresh of your web browser.

Follow the Meeting Online: A link to the webcast will be on the UW System homepage, www.wisconsin.edu. You can also receive occasional updates from the meeting on Twitter by following @uwsystem or using the hashtag #uwregents.

Act 10 Challenges

 There are 3 lawsuits regarding Act 10 which gutted collective bargaining rights for most public employees.  Below is a summary which is partially based on a Sept. 17, 2012 article in the Wisconsin State Journal.

1.  Seven public unions, including AFT-W, AFSCME and WEAC vs. Walker – Judge Conley

Filed in federal court in June 2011
Organizations that filed the lawsuit include councils of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, the American Federation of Teachers, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, and the Service Employees International Union-Health Care Wisconsin. 
Alleged violation of constitution’s equal protection clause by exempting firefighters and police officers.
U.S. District Judge William Conley overturned parts of ACT 10 including the requirement for some unions to hold certification elections every year and the prohibition against paycheck dues deduction. 
Both sides appealed decision
The Walker administration asked for a stay until appeal decided, which was partially granted. No future recertification elections can be required but unions that didn’t seek recertification remain unrecognized. 
Oral arguments before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals held Sept. 24, 2012.  
2.  Madison Teachers Inc. and Public Employees Local 61 vs. Walker – Judge Colas
Filed in Dane County Circuit Court, Aug. 2011
Argued Act 10 unconstitutional because it capped union workers’ raises but not those of their nonunion counterparts. 
Judge Juan Colas ruled in favor of the unions on Sept. 14, 2012.   
Applies to municipal workers, not state workers.
Walker administration appealed and asked for a stay.
Judge Colas still considering whether to stay.
3.  AFL-CIO and AFSCME vs. Walker
Filed in federal court in July 2011
Alleges Act 10 violated that constitutional rights to freely assemble, free speech and equal protection of about 240 City of Madison workers and 2,440 Dane county workers/
Alleges Act 10 violates right of equal protection because restrictions don’t apply to some public safety workers’ unions. 
Walker administration filed a motion to dismiss. Awaiting a decision.