The Medicaid Fiscal Agent Contract (DHS)

In the summer of 2010, WPEC members at the Department of Health Services (DHS) reported concerns about the growing number of vendor employees working at DHS.  They were concerned that these vendor employees were being hired through the Medicaid Fiscal Agent contract with EDS-HP to perform duties that were not directly part of that contract. In response, WPEC requested a number of Medicaid contract documents.   A WPEC employee also filed a complaint with the LAB Fraud and Abuse Hotline that many of these hires seemed inappropriate because they were outside the scope of the contract and also noted that the  HP Account Executive overseeing these hires was a former DHS employee. 

LAB has not yet formally responded to the Hotline Complaint, but an LAB audit of the Medicaid program released in December of 2011 addressed some of the concerns.   They reported on the high number of vendor employees, the lack of involvement of purchasing professionals in these contract decisions, and the lack of oversight of this large new vendor workforce.  

To see copies of some of the documents, Click Here



Job Vacancies

We sometimes hear about job vacancies.  We're posting them here while they're current.


Changes in Election Laws

Changes in Wisconsin Election Law

The Madison City Clerk has put together a pamphlet summarizing the recent changes to Wisconsin election laws.  Although it's put out by the City of Madison, most of what it says applies statewide. 



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